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Oh my! It’s finally done. I finally launched my website. After many months of neglecting even an attempt at building my website, I finally conquered it.  It was easier than I thought and I also learned a lot about code, markdowns and other terminology that I will have to google again, when needed.  This website thing is an ongoing process so I will be constantly adding things, like product descriptions and making changes. Don't worry, there won't be any drastic changes where you can no longer find your way around. Just simple changes that will add to your experience and make ordering or purchasing my designs much easier.  Well, enough about the boring stuff. 

Let's get to the real reason for this website...My Stationery! I have worked long and hard to create a collection of pre-designed wedding invitations that I hope you will embrace. I even took a sabbatical from my career as a speech-language pathologist to focus on this other passion of mine...PAPER (Maybe I'll show you my office one day so you can see what I mean.). I hope you enjoy the designs that I have worked ever so hard on and I am looking forward to creating more. I will be working on some new designs soon that will launch sometime in the spring. I will definitely keep you posted on the status. I also create custom designs for those of you that want a little something different.

With this blog, I am hoping to help you understand stationery and invitation design, layout, colors and etiquette, just a little more than we usually think about. I am also open to hearing about topics you are interested in learning more about. I want to share my journey with you as I embark upon this passion that I have suppressed for so many years.

I'm looking forward to your questions and comments!