I have been working as a speech-language pathologist for more than 15 years, but have had a great passion for paper and stationery since my introduction to Print Shop and the dot matrix printer in the 80's. I have been creating invitations, stationery, banners, as well as other things, for family and friends ever since then.

I became very serious about wedding invitations in 2011, when it was time to create my own. I handcrafted over 200 invitations with fabric, ribbon and other embellishments. I sampled over 10 different papers/stocks to ensure I was making the best decision for my design. I secured the services of my mother to complete some stitching that was needed to complete my invitations. I received so many compliments on this invitation that I began to seriously consider starting my own business.

The idea of starting my business, was put on hold as I traveled to and lived in Korea for two years, with my husband. Once we returned to the U.S. and after working for a year, creating invitations for family and friends, I decided that I could no longer put this passion on hold. Once my summer break started, I began to work on a few designs that would jump start my business.

Each design is carefully created by me and can be printed using digital, digital white and metallic, thermography, foil stamping, or letterpress printing. I am also able to custom design stationery exclusively for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or custom design requests.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Tiffany Markey Jacobs - Owner/Designer